Natasja de Leeuw

Everyone gets stuck sometimes.
Especially in a time where a lot of people are in their heads,
our bodies have to scream to be ‘seen – heard’.
I coach/guide by letting you feel your body, look at patterns and
unconscious behavior.

Assist with:

* Recurrent physical/emotional complaints
* Support for relatives of addicts
* Addiction Support
* Personal development and growth
* Support with concrete issues related to daily functioning
(e.g. stress, conflicts, motivation)
* Trauma processing


Natasja de Leeuw
tel: +31-614-916-028
Mail to: ikjijwijallen@gmail.com

I use:
Physical work

About me and my expertise

I am an experiential expert in co-dependence / addiction and sexual trauma.
Growing up in an unsafe ‘system’, there was addiction, codependency and sexual trauma.
I mastered many chameleon properties. and created unhealthy patterns.
I have learned to look at myself, patterns, emotions and thought.
Every spectrum of my life taught me.
We all are unique and we have our own path.
I had to unlearn, let go of what I was taught.
Let go of my story and trust myself and source completely.

There is no magic pill, there is a life path, awareness, other choices in connection and love.
Where I first looked outside myself was the wisdom within.

We All Walk Each Other Home




It’s about who we are and how we treat ourselves